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Create concerts without risk

Play more shows

At Tunetap, we want to help get musicians in front of their fans. We know it's difficult to set up a show or a tour, and there are a lot of moving parts. We're here to make it easier.

Pick a time and place — or let us recommend the best time and place to draw a crowd. Let your fans know, so they can pre-order tickets to the show. If enough people buy tickets to cover all the expenses, the show goes on. If not, everyone gets a full refund.

Delight your fans

Your fans want you to play shows all over the map. How do you know where to go? Tunetap lets your fans decide by letting them pre-order tickets, so you can book your shows knowing you'll have a crowd. Our predictive technology can also help you find new fans to grow your audience. We let you know where they are, so you can share your music with them and set up a show.

Never lose money

It takes a lot of money to put on a show, or pull off a tour. Tunetap makes sure you don't lose money because your fans cover all the expenses through ticket pre-orders, so you can focus on playing shows and tours with minimal risk.

Super simple booking

Booking an event begins by getting a hold on a time at a venue. Browse Tunetap for a venue, and put in a hold with one click. If your event gets funded, the stage is yours!

Spend less time vetting acts

Tunetap makes it easy to get to know the artists who want to play on your stage. Browse all their past events — their content, how many people they brought in, and other venues they played at. Tunetap makes it easy for artists to set up a tentative event on your stage, and you can track the funding progress of the event and people funding the event.

But we take it further. But combining information across venues, artists, and fans across the country, we can find you the best artists, and the best times to bring those artists, to pull off great shows, every night.

Put your stage to work

Tunetap helps put the best shows on your stage to draw the most people. Rather than being closed on traditionally slow nights, offer artists the chance to book your stage then. If the show succeeds, you get a lot of people coming through the door.

Know your customers — increase business

Tunetap provides venues with clear insights into their customers. Our technology allows us to recommend the best acts to bring to your stage.

We combine venue, artist, and fan demographics from across the country. This lets us do cool things. For example, we can let you know that your regular customers really like a particular artist who hasn't played on your stage before — and then notify that artist to set up an event.

Tunetap takes care of all the technology, so you can focus on providing a great experience for your customers.

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